About Us

Our Credo

Polystar Technologies believes in working in partnership with its customers, suppliers and employees to achieve sustained long-term beneefits for all.

Key to this is our commitment to provide quality products at competitive prices.
We are committed to timely delivery without fail, to zero defects in production, and to continuously improve our production procedures to maintain our quality edge. This means upgarding our people and our equipment to state-of-the-art readiness at all times.

Illustrating our continual efforts to upgrade our quality system, we have implemented a Total Quality Management System to develop a quality approach that will keep pace with the changing business environment.

Our Strategy

To serve you even better, we have in the pipeline plans to establish a network of manufacturing support around the world, in locations where our products can best meet customers’ requirement. Currently we focus on serving the needs of a broad spectrum of industries throughout the Asia Pacific region, including the automotive, computer peripherals and OEM industries.