Exploring The Quality Frontier

Polystar Technologies is a trusted world-class designer and manufacturer of precision, custom-moulded rubber components that form critical parts in final products like household appliances, automotives, medical apparatus, consumer electronics, water treatment equipment, oil tools, and fibre optics.

In particular, we've built for ourselves a reputation for producing high-performance customized rubber compounds formulated with superior material characteristics. In addition to assembling compounds to our customers' proprietary recipes, we work closely with our customers to develop new formulations that offer increased performance and ease-of-manufacturing characteristics.

Our portfolio of customized compounds runs to over 250 rubber compounds. Made to our customers' specification, these compounds are achieved using state-of-the-art equipment including the infrared spectrophotometers, differential scanning calorimeters and vibration analysers.

Our sophisticated manufacturing technology, supported by our experience in the formulation of proprietary rubber compounds, has allowed us to meet our customers' exacting needs in a wide range of fields.


Unlimited Possibilities

Over the years, we have developed more than 250 active compounds for very demanding and highly specialized applications, each designed to meet a unique need, be it anti-erosive, able to endure temperature extremes or nitrosamine-free. That is why for many corporations, we have become their preferred, long-term developmental partner.

At all times, our aim remains focused: to make your design ideas work better and your final product more competitive.